Z6ii or Z7?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7?

LT2412 wrote:

I'm stuck between these 2 choices and hoping someone can convince me which one is worth getting than the other. I'm just a hobbyist who shoots a mix of landscape, street life, and family portraits, and sometimes wildlife.

On 1 hand, the Z7 provides lower ISO capability, cropping ability, and since it's an older gen its price won't depreciate that much when I decide to upgrade to Z8 or whatever is coming. On the other hand, the Z6ii has Wide Area AF for people and animal, time-lapse capability, and more than 30 second shutter speed.

How big do you print? A Z6 will get you a nice A3 print. If you really need bigger than that (taking into account cropping) then the should get the Z7.

Otherwise you should get a Z6 or Z6 II. There is not much difference in the performance of the Z6 models, though the II has two card slots and does not limit you to CFExpress cards. I recommend you read the reviews by Thom Hogan, they are down to earth and informative.

From the description of your usage, you’re not doing birds in flight or fast sports, so the Z6 should do fine.

None of these cameras are much use at high frame rates due to the slide show effect (the image in the viewfinder is delayed noticeably). And don’t forget that the Z7 file sizes are big, another reason to think carefully before getting one.

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