is an AF micro43 to Sony E-mount adapter possible ?

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Paisley Park
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is an AF micro43 to Sony E-mount adapter possible ?

I have some Olympus m43 lenses that I really like (12-40 pro, 60 macro, 8 fisheye) but I'm being let down by the latest olympus/panasonic bodies.

we're still stuck at 20mp and 4K 60p. Where's my high res m43 camera, with 4K 120p and 8K photos ?

now that full frame is leapfrogging other formats in IQ and video codec, it's safer to invest in FF.

And using the m43 lenses that I have on Sony E mount for video in crop modes, and even in photo mode makes a lot of sense. I can't be the only one right ? there must be a huge market for people like us.

So is it possible to make an AF adapter for m43 to a FF mount ? if not AF, at least aperture control ?

m43 = 19.25mm

Sony E = 18mm

Nikon Z = 16mm

L mount = 20mm, so impossible. Panasonic messed up teaming up with leica for this mount, they should've launched a new mount with Sigma, retro-compatible with m43 through adapters. Very bad decision from Panasonic and Sigma.

Canon RF = 20 mm, so this one is impossible too, even if it was that mount is closed by lawyers and lawsuits, so a very bad choice of mount and the worst lens selection anyway.

So Sony E and Nikon Z mount are the only hope for us m43 lens lovers. Someone please make an AF (or at least aperture control) adapter !!

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