Large format motorsports photographer - What effect is this?

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Re: Large format motorsports photographer - What effect is this?

MCLV wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

From the photographer , Brandon Faith :

I’m not sure why it’s so controversial but sure! As mentioned in the thread it’s a combination of dof on the camera and tilting and swinging. If I want to increase the effect digitally (which I only ever do lightly,) in lightroom I’ll create an inverse radial filter following the natural lines of blur I get from the camera itself, and then play around with decreasing sharpness, clarity, and texture.

Thanks Brandon.

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't able to find it in the comments section, have you contacted Brandon Faith directly?


I have done this several times before when people debate what/why/how... .(that is with other photographers)

Funny thing is that , as it often happens here, many don't really care what the photographer did or why if that does not follow what they thought it happened.

One thread a few years ago when on discussing how a particular photo was taken for about two or three pages after I posted a detailed explanation, from the author, of that photo.

Many in fact speculated that it was a total composite because the place (according to them) does not exist. This is after I originally posted where it was...

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