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slr_SoFL wrote:

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slr_SoFL wrote:

Can't select high speed continuous on my R7. Dual Pixel Raw is off. Please help.

Which shooting mode are you in? Does the manual help in any way? What does can't select mean? - option shows up but you cannot select, no options, some error?

So far I've been quite disappointed with this camera.

Disappointed in what way? Can't figure out settings or something else

Very minimal details to be of much help

Apologies for the cryptic post. Was in the middle of trying to take pictures of my son's marching band in a competition, and not knowing why I couldn't do a basic function was quite frustrating. Turns out it was that auto leveling was on and I only realized this when ANOTHER function said it was disabled because auto leveling was on.

Canon should have allowed switching to high speed and said that auto leveling would be disabled or something similar.

As for the overall camera I really do not like the new ergonomics (really miss the back wheel), haven't figured out how to change dials in anything but manual. This should have had the same body layout as the R6. Then it would have paired perfectly.

My R5 and I bet you R6 is the same. You can only remap dials when in M. Not sure why Canon does this.

I used up a lot of buttons so I've assigned my set button to change the drive mode.

Picture quality still TBD.

In good light it will be good based on images I have seen. Just like my 7D2 was - a crop sensor packed with pixels makes it light hungry, for a better term. Correct exposure makes a big difference. Your R6 will be better for low light. Better than my R5.

Anyway. Apologies again for the initial cryptic post from frustration.

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