R7 required complete reset for stuck in Manual Focus

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Re: R7 required complete reset for stuck in Manual Focus

phazelag wrote:

Today I was going to be taking some casual photos at a social meeting and I put on the RF 18-150. The Camera then switched to manual focus. Auto Focus only worked in Auto Mode. All other PASM FV modes were stuck in manual focus. Autofocus was not even a menu choice in any menu.

1. I tried changing in multiple menus

2. Checked the MF AF button on the front

3. Check on the lens for an AF button.

4. Checked any menu that could possibly force it into a Manual mode.

5. Checked the Lens mounting. Remove and replaced.

6. Tried a different lens.

7. Removed the battery and replaced.

None of the above worked. Finally I had to reset the camera. Resetting the camera did fix it, however all my settings, customs settings etc. are now lost. So I will redo the menus after a trip to Canon.

I searched this forum and didn't see any other issues, so maybe its just my camera. I did see similar issues on a Google search with the R5.

I have been a big fan of Canon quality and I know better than to get upset because my toy won't work, but I am going to take this to Canon in Irvine this week and drop it off. It was frustrating to deal with.

I am hoping for a firmware update soon. Didn't get to test my new 300MBS cards today so hopefully they solve the black out issue.
Luckily I had my M50 but was hoping to play with my new camera.

My R7 has several times gotten itself into manual focus for no reason I can determine. Turning the AF/MF switch had no effect. I powered down then back and AF function resumed. I was not changing lenses. I have used the camera since several times with the same lens and memory card and no repeat of the issue.


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