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Re: Comparing C1, DxO PureRAW + C1 and Topaz Photo AI + C1

cheddarman wrote:

Thanks everybody, it's a jungle out there when it comes to software.

Yup, and it keeps changing year on year which is best or at least which is crowd favourite. Back early days it was all about Silkypix as the best then available so I used that for V2 (first in English) up to V5 when I flipped over to DxO. Later bought Silkypix V10 for old times' sake, still nice to use but DxO Photolab seems to get better results more easily for me.

I'm going to have to think it through very carefully as to me it's a lot of money

I look in my camera bag and I see thousands of dollars, look in my computer and see hundreds of dollars of software, about 10:1 difference.

and have to ask, do I really need it, would I use it for my every day shooting.

Let me mull things over........

While mulling I decided to download the Topaz AI Photo trial. takes forever to install as it keeps downloading more modules of whatever. That gave me time to see the video linked in the email they sent me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pdzBler428 the trial prevents any saving of results.

A couple of fiddles with a few Sony RX100M6 and Olympus E-P5 jpegs and I think I like what DxO Photolab and raw files does as being better. Yet to dive into my messy and noisy jpegs though where there may be more worthwhile advantages.

Basically with my usual Olympus E-P5 images in reasonable to good light, then there's not much improvement that can be made or needs to be done, I start to think that a lot of Topaz is there to suit the ardent pixel peepers out there. Good camera with good lens and good light and it's definitely not really needed. I don't think I will be spending many $$$ on Topaz, I can live with the tools I already have.

I know that my RX100M6 is a compromise compared to my M4/3 gear but it's the price I'm happy to bear to get way more convenience to carry at times.

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