current state of producing photos for HDR display?

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Re: current state of producing photos for HDR display?

Bikeridr wrote:

Maybe I'm far out fishing here, but..

What container are you using? JPEG can only display 8-bit colour images.
Have you tried saving in HEIF (10 bit) or TIFF 16 bit? Or even the now obsolete flop JPEG2000? Those formats should be able to be displayed properly on an HDR monitor in higher than 8 bit.

So it turns out high bit depth is not a requirement for HDR display of HDR-capable photos.

HDR display capable photos taken on an iPhone and stored in a HEIF container are, surprisingly, 8-bit, even though the container format allows for up to 16 bits (not just 10).

There's something else in the file that triggers HDR display, and I don't know what it is.

Looking at the wikipedia page for the HEIF format, I see in the Hardware section:

So it seems the PQ & HLG tone curves are the key points here.  Now how in the world do we incorporate them into photos?

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