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Re: Comparing C1, DxO PureRAW + C1 and Topaz Photo AI + C1

cheddarman wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

I'm going along the cheapest route to get the best editing option so it'll be the C1 22 Sony which I already have and I'm saving for the Topaz Al 😎

Which of the several different Topaz AI products?

This one which I understand is an all in one sharpening and noise reduction software.

Sort of. It's a simplified auto-pilot front-end for the three core apps that's easy to use, but gives very limited access to their power. If you have all three apps, you get it free. I'm not sure if buying it entitles you to licences for Sharpen Ai, DeNoise AI and Gigapixel AI. I don't find Photo AI is much use, preferring the apps that it drives.

It is also 40% off at the moment.

No, it's only 20% off, and only for a few more days.

Umm, well I certainly can't afford all of them so guess I'll shelve the idea.

$40 not 40% DOH!

Since I have (almost) all the aforementioned programs and the RX10 (although the first edition) I have done some comparisons with a iso 2000 shot and played the first time with Topaz Photo AI

  1. ARW image processed in C1
  2. ARW image processed in DxO PureRAW (DeepPrime) and dng imported in C1 (my regular workflow)
  3. ARW image processed in Topaz Photo AI and dng importanted in C1.

My advice to Cheddarman: keep your C1 Express and purchase Topaz Photo AI: you can apply it for high-iso shots in auto pilot mode by workflow 3 above and perform further corrections like you are used to in C1.

Moreover-1: you can selectively switch off the auto pilot and adjust any strength like you wish.

Moreover-2: you can also apply Topaz Photo AI to (older) Jpeg pictures with quite impressive  improvements.

ARW -> C1 only

ARW-> DxO PureRaw (DeepPrime)-> dng-> C1

ARW -> Topaz Photo AI -> dng -> C1

jpg out of the Canon Powershot G6

Applying Topaz Photo AI on the Powershot G6 jpeg


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