So a f/1.8 on a 1" sensor would still gather more light than a f/3.5 on an APS-C?

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Re: Nope.

Bob A L wrote:

Exposure is all about intensity of light reaching sensor per square mm of sensor area. So it takes a larger amount of light to fill a larger sensor to the same intensity per mm square as it would take to fill a smaller sensor to the same level.

What can you do with that rhetorical fact?

You can't necessarily get full exposure on a sensor in real life, unless your camera and subject are stable enough for a long enough exposure at base ISO.

Everyone knows or should know that at "ISO 100" a larger sensor collects more light, total, than a smaller sensor, with the same composition.

What they should not know is that in actual practice, a larger sensor always gets you more total light, because it doesn't, when you're photographing in the real world, and not white or grey walls at ISO 100 in Av-priority mode.

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