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Rand 47 wrote:

I have decent photographs shot with my 2005 generation 6 MP APS-C camera: . . . “

This reminds me of the time not “really” all that many years ago when Michael Reichmann had the audacity to proclaim that the Canon 60D (I think that was the model) now equalled 35mm film in image quality. Quite the “stir” at the time. I think he was right and the rest is history. I even understand Fujifilm’s use of the term “large format” for the GFX 100x cameras. They are using “image quality equivalent” rather than “sensor vs film dimensions equivalent,” and my GFX 100 certainly rivals much of the 4x5 I shot back in the day.

Jim is correct, the best camera is the one you have with you “when it happens in front of you.” I’m currently playing with the raw files from an iPhone 14 Pro Max and it kinda makes me mad. LOL

Mad because they’re good?  (I need a new phone - apologies for the OT).

On the other hand, I’m following Jim’s testing of the new ‘blad and see nothing that would tempt me vis-a-vis my GFX 100 and some “missing things” (e.g. no remote release capability) that make is “less than” for my use-case. Sure is a beautiful beast esthetically though.


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