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Re: The new Hasselblad and

Bashir Lunat wrote:

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Bashir Lunat wrote:

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

Gandolphi wrote:

The 38mm are getting some pretty heavy testing thanks to Jim our hard working MOD.

Not all the results seem overwhelmingly positive so the question is:

Can the new XC 2, with the new 38mm lens, take decent photographs?

Of course it can!

I have decent photographs shot with my 2005 generation 6 MP APS-C camera:

2006, 6 MP APS-C CCD sensor.

Eleven years later, 42 MP 24x36 mm CMOS sensor. Obviously better image quality but not obviously a better image.

I used to have an A2-size print of the first image on the wall, later I replaced it with an A2-print of the second image.

No discussion, the second image has better image quality. Still the first one was quite OK and may actually be a better image.

I would suggest that more is more. But it may be that once it is good enough, better may matter less.

There is also an observer dependence. A normal viewer may prefer the first image, because light is better. A pixel peeper may prefer the second one, because it has much better detail.

I could go back to that place, with my most decent gear. But light will be different. Also, the main subject happens to be the guy with the hat and the camera in both images.

Happens to be my best friend. He is no longer with us, he fought a fight with cancer and came out #2. We cannot rely on things coming back. So, it makes sense to shoot with the best gear we have and trying to make the best of it.

Just to say, my great friend worked at Hasselblad, once upon the time. He actually built his own camera, while working at Hasselblad.
Best regards


Lovely photos Eric.

Are those same people ?!

No, they guy in the 'cowboy hat' is my friend, the others are just guys and dolls happening to be there.

The first image was in my early digital experience. The second was in my third period. Using a Sony A7RII with zooms. Now days I use a Sony A7rIV with primes.
My second period was shooting medium format with a Phase One back. That was the least productive period of my recent photographic live. That said, the Phase One combo did yield some great images.

But, in the end, the MFD gear is the stuff left behind...
Best regards


Thank you Eric, I still have that cable you gave me.

Talking aout photos, I load Flickr Explore page almost once a day to see whats there. Today picked about three eyecatching photos two of them were shot on phone cameras.A Huawei and Samsung. Not one with MF gear.

Well it could be simple that the phone crowd is positing more.:)

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