New Purchase - Nikon Z TC 2.0 - Query by User

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New Purchase - Nikon Z TC 2.0 - Query by User


I am a New Member as a Z System user and have very recently introduced myself in the Noobie Section.

I feel it is fair that I make an apology for my first discussion for a thread, to be long and with a content that is a reach out for help with a technical inquiry.

I am with a long history of using a DSLR System and very new to the Mirrorless System.

I am classing my very recent entry into using the Mirrorless System as a whole new learning and treating it as back to basics experience, where I have wiped the pages clean from previous learning.

I have adopted the Mirrorless System via the Nikon Z9 > Z100-400mm, as a equipment, it has caught my attention and imagination, especially with the many opportunities that have been taken advantage off to date and foreseen opportunities to be taken advantage off.

I have in the earliest usage captured keeper images, I am not with any history of capturing as a keeper, when encountered with my older technology equipment.

As an enthusiast photographer, it is exciting times in the making.

The learning period is still ongoing, and I foresee this will be required for a good period yet. I am working through the AF Settings and other settings to give the best results across a variety of conditions met, when doing Nature Photography. Once assured I have found my preferred settings, I will assign buttons for chosen pre-sets.

Using the Z9 > 100-400mm, to date I have discovered one anomaly that I have learned to recognise speedily but not quite assured myself I have removed the issue entirely, which is the Shutter Speed can involuntary increase in speed above the selected setting by 100% or more.

The viewfinder brightness is a quick indicator that a change has occurred.

The sourcing the cause of this has been temporarily put on hold, as the Z TC 2.0 is being tried out.

Setting the above one anomaly to the side for the moment.

I have to date, had one outing with a New Purchased Z TC 2.0 added to the equipment. The increase in Focal Length, has once more become a very welcome option, there are without doubt a few images of small birds captured that are with very nice detailing when observed in-camera.

With the TC attached, interface issues are happening, and are of a nature that is causing concern.

The Camera is regularly freezing, initially the focus point does not activate, following with the Camera shutting down for approx' 30 seconds and then reactivating.

When the body reactivates, the pre - shut down settings are different to the settings seen in the Camera, these involuntary changes being made are inclusive of, Shutter Speed, ISO and EV.

It is possible the settings being involuntarily selected, are ones used earlier in the Shooting session, as 1/160s was being involuntarily selected regularly, and I was vaguely recollecting using this for a particular exposure earlier in the session.

There may be further setting changes occurring, at present with the limited usage time of the TC, these three are the most obvious to myself.

I have been set up in AF-C and have been through Wide Large and Dynamic Large, which have both experienced the same focal point freeze, followed by the bodies shut down.

Any thoughts on how this could be caused and setting changes that can be made to stop it will be very welcomed.

Nikon Z9
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