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JakeWarrin wrote:

Gato Amarillo wrote:


How hungry are you?

For commercial photography pricing that sounds pretty cheap, but if your pantry is empty and the rent is due ...

Two to three days shooting, probably at least that much time at the computer by the time you edit the photos and build the composite, then proofing and final approval, then the printing, mounting, and framing cost ...

First thing to do is get a price on the printing and framing. Then you can think about how much time you'll be putting in and how much you want to clear for yourself.


Thanks Gato! I don't have to go cheap. Definitely not starving, but want to get paid for a quality job. I appreciate the comment. I stopped in and checked out the existing photos and frames and called a frame shop yesterday to get a quote on the frame and mounting. I'll verify the printing cost tonight through my lab. I appreciate the response.

I hope I wasn't too flippant.

A person could make some money here, probably clear a thousand or more, which to a lot of people is pretty nice money.

But I'm thinking this could add up to 60 to 80 hours of work, especially if you have to oversee printing and framing. (The last really large print I ordered for a client arrived with an obvious defect, which meant I had to deal with negotiating a reprint. Not fun, although the lab did make good.)

So a week and a half to two weeks work in an economy where a photographer needs to make 100K a year to support a family -- $2,000 a week.

I doubt that your client would be willing to pay a full commercial rate, but it can still be a profitable job. So it becomes a matter of what can work for you.


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