Don't trust Angler Fastbox magnetic mount with your flash

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Re: Don't trust Angler Fastbox magnetic mount with your flash

martinmcfly wrote:

I am a little confused now, I have the bigger thicker adapter. I thought it was the old style that was discontinued. I got it from B&H used and it didn't include a tither.


I'm not sure what "it" refers to in sentence 2.

The older adapter, which is thinner and has 14 magnets, has been discontinued.

The bigger thicker adapter, with 6 magnets and a button at the top to lock in the flash, is the new adapter for Godox V1 & AD100, and Profoto A1. I don't know how long this has been sold -- maybe it was available at the same time they sold the older 14-magnet adapter for V1 & AD100.

But now, the bigger thicker adapter is the only one shipped when you order the FastBox with a V1/AD100/A1 adapter.

Regarding the tether, I think I got one with the old adapter. I don't think it has to do with locking in or tethering the flash. Maybe to wrap around your wrist as you hold the FastBox handle?

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