Advice for street shooting with a model in Istanbul

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Re: Advice for street shooting with a model in Istabul

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Good afternoon guys,

In 3 weeks' time, I will be in Istanbul and have a 2-day shoot with a couple of models for my wife's small jewelry business. One day at the European side and the other at the Oriental side of the city.

I won't be using a tripod or extra lights, everything will be casual, documentary style. We won't be bothering anyone, obstructing streets, or taking pics inside government buildings or Mosques. (That would make big trouble) And I will ask permission at every local place, like restaurants, shops, etc in advance.

Saying that, do I need to take special consideration for street shootings? maybe a local permit has to be obtained or it is ok to do so with no worries?

Thank you in advance!

May be best to ask/contact someone from Istanbul rather than here.


Why? there are many photographers with experience in different parts of the world.

But yes, I am doing my research locally too.

Why,,, because you talk of special permits and seeking permission in locations. I say again, go to someone who knows, a quick email to an embassy will do the trick and you will something to to fall back on if you need it. I have shot in many parts of the world but would never give advice apart from what I have written above.


Good for you. This is what forums are for, the exchange information. I never said I wouldn't check anywhere else. But thanks.

Yes you did say that you would check anywhere else, that's true but you still seem to want to rely on others hearsay info that may or may not be correct, where as any normal travelers first call would be at the correct authority not a photography forum.

You talk of experienced photographers on this forum, well I am an experienced photographer and a very experienced traveler that has given you what I feel is the best advice here in your post, yet you come back with a somewhat sarcastic reply, so could it be that you only ever wanted to tell the forum that you are going to Istanbul. I wonder?

Good luck, hope you return with your camera in hand.


note: If you do contact the authorities notify them that is commercial photography, may save you a hefty fine.

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