Need advice on what our church needs

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Re: Need advice on what our church needs

Craig Gillette wrote:

Moondoggy51 wrote:

First and foremost I know absolutely nothing about video equipment so if you respond please keep your response as simple as possible.

The church I attend has been recording our church sermons and uploading the video to YouTube. We've already burnt up an Iphone I've been told that the video and audio is not great. We only used the Iphone that we burnt up because someone had a old Iphone that they no longer needed and because of Covid our budget didn't allow us to spend any money on anything other than necessities. Now that things have returned to normal and we have some extra funds in the budget we would like to buy an camera to be used to handle our video needs that has an external microphone on it but we have no idea what to buy. I was looking at some on Amazon tonight but again we lack knowledge on what to look for in the way of specs and features. What we want to do is shoot the video, do whatever we need to upload the video to our PC and then do whatever is needed needed and then upload the video to YouTube. The current setup has the iphone attached to a tripod and a church member starts and stops the video process.. We want whatever we get to be extremely easy to use. Lastly, we want to have a easy to use, quality device that isn't necessarily low ball cheap but not not real expensive either. Can anyone help us out by telling us what we need and buy and/or what to look for so we don't buy something we regret.

Is the facility already miked for sound, from speaking points like a lectern, musicians, clergy miked wireless, etc.? Is this mixed or run through a PA system or sound board of some sort?

Our church is really small. About 9 pews deep. We do have a PA system and a mic at the lectern that amplifies the pastor's sermon but nothing fancy.  Currently we're using an iPhone mounted on a tripod about 12-15 feet from the lectern to capture the sermon

You mentioned your computer. One or more? PC or Mac? Any networking, wired or wireless in place?

We have a Windows 10 PC that's wired to the router.  The router does have wireless capability we just have it wired for faster performance.

So, for sound we have an output from the existing sound system

Turns out when using the Iphones/tablets (happened to settle on Mac products because that's what they had more of and for consistency of connectors), ethernet worked better than trying wireless, apparently they got delays with wireless that they couldn't easily work around.

On the computer, they are using OBS Studio (IIRC?) , I don't remember the phone camera ap, I've got IP Webcam on my phone but it's not the one they are using. NDI? on tablets/phones? and Restream.IO for scheduling and handling feeding the broadcast to YouTube and Facebook but believe that can be done directly, too. These are all free programs.

OBS Studio takes the audio from it's input, and while we are controlling the cameras and some video feed externally, I believe OBS will allow and control several video feeds.

Since you are only (at this point) doing the sermon, you could maybe do this live, starting streaming from the already running camera and audio and stopping streaming at the end of the serman. We just do the full service. Incidentally both FB and YT record the uploads. Not sure how long they would be kept on your account.

Kind of late so may need to revisit this tomorrow to see if it makes sense.

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