Composite Pricing Question

Started Sep 29, 2022 | Questions thread
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Re: Composite Pricing Question

tcphoto1 wrote:

You don't give enough information to give an educated guess but my base rate is $1500 per day for shooting plus usage and $125 an hour for time in front of the computer. Are you shooting headshots of Department employees, buildings, construction or something else? How will the images be used and for how long? The answers will determine my quote and $2000 even for the most basic project is lowballing it.

Thanks for the response.  I thought it was low too, just wasn't sure what is reasonable for project like this.  It will be 90 headshots for a police department and I would have build the composite. I will have full day of shooting on location and any one that couldn't make the main, I would handle in the studio.  The composite would be printed, framed and hang in police admin office for about two years.

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