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ampimagedotcom wrote:

JakeWarrin wrote:

I've been approached to make a composite picture for local city department. The framed picture would be roughly 33"x43". I would need to capture and edit 86 photos to build the image. I would need to build the photo with names and titles. I would be handling the printing and framing as well. They said that they have $2,000 in the budget...

How does this compares to the one you worked on a few months ago here:

Both in terms of the amount of time you spent on creating that image Vs will spend here, and the amount of money they paid you Vs the amount these people are offering to pay you?

A list of things to take into account:-

Pre-production time:
Photography time:
Post-production time:
Travel time:
Crew / Assistants:
Stylist / Hair / Make-up:
Location / Studio hire fee:
Props, Wardrobe:
Sets / Expendable:
Courier / P&P:
Actors / Models:
Travel expenses:

(Please note: some of these things may not apply - it's simply a check-list to help you work-out what your basic costs would be to finance the project).

Hi Ashley!  It's a totally different in scope and I haven't done the work yet 🙂, which is always good.  It's a much larger project and a lot more time commitment for sure.  It's exciting to be asked to do different types of work and I'm willing to jump in and figure it out.  This group is great for picking the collective brains of folks that are a lot more experienced than I.  Thanks for the response!

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