Large format motorsports photographer - What effect is this?

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Re: Large format motorsports photographer - What effect is this?

MCLV wrote:

JohnSil wrote:

It could be also that he was using a cheap lens and it's only sharp in the center. We're so used to seeing small f-stops with everything in focus in these old pics. You know, 'sunny 16"!


But how would a cheap lens blur the film grain?

I'm probably completely misinterpreting what you're even talking about. We have to  make some big assumptions here to start with. It's obviously been digitized at some point to be able to post. Is it simply a sooc image of a wet print or has it been manipulated in post? IF it's a sooc copy, the original, we'll assume a 4x5, could have been printed through a sheet of glass with Vaseline smeared in certain areas. That would be very easy to do on a negative that size, making the grain appear smoother in some areas. My guess is, that's all we're doing, is just guessing!


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