FZ1000: Setting DR in FastRawViewer?

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Re: FZ1000: Setting DR in FastRawViewer?

Flycaster wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Flycaster wrote:

I have been using FastRawViewer to cull my RAW images. A very niffty piece of software. It has a huge manual; and every so often, I try to learn a little more about just what FRV can do. I'm not really sure whether or not this will make a difference in my culling, but I was wondering if the EV numbers one enters into Preferences>Over/underexposure display>iso-based underexposure limit really make a difference? At present for isos @200, @1600, High iso, I have 8EV, 5EV and 4EV, respectively. Obviously, I don't have my head around this issue and would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.

It makes a difference for "underexposure" diagnostics, as we try to explain (with examples) in 'Exposure Statistics' section of the manual (this sectikon starts on page 118).

I will re-read that section, hopefully with better results. But, in the meantime, would you have any comments as to my present settings?

Your settings are sensible

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