Sony a1 - acting weird with mechanical shutter on

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Sony a1 - acting weird with mechanical shutter on

On a bright day I noticed that photos taken with mechanical shutter and at high shutter speeds were coming overexposed. SPOILER The 1/8000 value is wrong, the camera actually appears to be taking photos at slower speeds.

At 1/8000 the images were over exposed by about 2 stops. The efect diminished and was barely visible at 1/250.

Photos taken with exactly same settings but electronic shutter would come out ok.

I updated the firmware from 1.3 to 1.31 and the first shot I took caused the camera to display the following error "Camera Error. Turn power off then on." I had to take the battery out to restart the camera.

I sent the camera to be checked and was told that the camera has been factory reset and is working correctly now. Wrong.

Upon receiving the camera back and checking it, the same error occured few more times in a very short period of time. I used the following guide to fix it. It has only been few minutes since I did that, but so far I have not seen the error again. Surprisingly, the camera returned in the same condition and was not fixed at all. The camera is still overexposing the images at high shutter speeds.

I discovered another strange behaviour.  When setting the camera to manual, 1/8000,  AUTO ISO and using a burst mode higher than LOW the following happens if you hold the shutter button long enough:

Camera determines and displayst the ISO which it believes to be correct for the current situation and that ISO is 2000. It takes the photo which later on you see is overexposed by 1-2 stops. With the second photo, camera reduces ISO by half to 1000 which is still visibly over exposed. The third photo is being taken at ISO 500, and the remaning amount of photos are taken at ISO 400. The 400 ISO photos are correctly exposed, yet the values displayed by the camera are far from true. I used another camera and determined that the 2000 ISO is the correct value for the scene. It appears that the broken camera's shutter is delayed but while shooting burst camera becomes aware of incorrect exposition and adjusts the ISO.

I did post about this a while back and I heard from one person that they experiance similar issues. At the same time another a1 user told me that his camera was ok.

Since the service saw na fault and returned my camera I am quite confused about what to do next, so I am asking again if anyone with this camera experianced similar issues?

Sony a1
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