Canon EOS R5 (and R6) Wireless Worflow In the Field

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Canon EOS R5 (and R6) Wireless Worflow In the Field

Canon R5 (and R6, but can focus on R5 for this question)
     -Typically shooting CR3
Sony Xperia 1II (Android 12)
     -Canon App
     -Canon Camera Connect App

I'm looking for some insight into wireless image transfer workflows that you all might've found to work. Not at home/studio, but for shooting in the field (think sporting event or remote wedding), so I'd be relying on my camera/phone for wireless transfer from camera to phone, and phone's cell signal to Google Drive acct.

I've been able to complete this setup using the android apps and wireless features of the R5 so far using my cellphone hotspot feature for the camera/phone wireless connection... app supports transfer of both CR3 and JPG. But, I'm running into some annoyances that I wonder if anyone else has found solutions for.

1 - While the app claims "automatic" transfers, I'm finding that automatic seems NOT to mean real time. i.e. My R5 menu tells me to power down and then back on again to initiate a wireless transfer to my phone. (There's an R5 menu item that appears to enable Auto Send, but it doesn't seem to work.) I would like the R5 to transfer in real time after each click.

2 - Predictably, cell phone hotspot speed is not blazing fast, especially for CR3 files. I can maybe be ok with compressed CR3 files or even settle for JPGs to increase transfer speed, but I'm curious if anyone has found something like a USB-C wireless hub (is that a thing?) that could plug into my Xperia phone's USB port and act as a faster/always-on wireless connection.

3. Related to the file type note above, Android OS currently doesn't recognize CR3 files and there's plenty of list serv chatter on that issue. I don't want to have to add a conversion step (to CR2 or DNG - more steps equal more time) to be able to open/edit on Android (Lightroom app), but I'll just go ahead and ask here anyway if anyone has found a solution.

All of this is intended to be able to rapidly have access to R5/R6 imagery while in the field (without laptop or wired/tether), to quickly share with clients while I'm still shooting so they can share, post to social, etc. Without this ability, clients resort to using crumby cell phone images someone snapped on their cell and texted to them during the event. Everyone wants instant gratification! (btw... auto ingest/preset/process/export in Lightroom app will be my next conquest, if I can figure out the wireless workflow!)

I figure there are some newsroom/sports photographers, who are often racing the clock, or maybe wedding shooters out there who might've figured out some pieces of this. Thanks in advance!

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