Pointing an Incident Lightmeter ...

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Pointing an Incident Lightmeter ...

... in search of more accurate exposure recommendations.

Jim Doty says to point it at the light source:

Looks to me like the lady is pointing it in the horizontal direction of the sun, not AT the sun.


On the other, Jim tells us how to use a camera meter as an incident light meter with aid of an Expodisk, - again telling the reader to point it at the source of light:

This time it is pointed straight at the sun thereby including it's Elevation.


Let's assume:

a) the difference between the dome (cardoid-ish) and the Expodisk (cosine) responses is not much.

b) the lady is fixin' to shoot a vertical flat surface such as an untextured wall.

c) the sun is more overhead, say at 60 deg elevation, than in Jim's two examples above.

Which exposure recommendation would be more accurate?

I do know quite a bit about exposure so no need for Exposure 101, but I rarely use my Sekonic L-398 and would be interested in opinions on the above question as I am thinking of using it more often.

Thanks for looking.

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