Scan document with open lid - bad idea?

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Re: Scan document with open lid - bad idea?

dp62 wrote:

Thank you very much indeed. This is good to know.
Yes, it is necessary to have something that is pressing the document(s) onto the scanner glass surface.
It is always a bit of cumbersome in case of, for example, series of small photos, or scanning the packing of something.

In case of small photos (often a bit curly), one would arrange them on the glass surface and then gently try to put something on top of that, but what? Something of 20x30cm, maybe a kitchen cutting board or so?

I'd use a sheet of glass and then close the lid on top of that. I have butchered some scanners before, so I have a few sheet, but if you don't have any then you can just buy a cheap A4 / letter size frame with a glass sheet and use that sheet. You can also buy a sheet of perplex (plexi glas) and use that. It is cheap and will apply enough pressure to hold the images in place and you would see if any of them move so you can correct.

Anyway, that is off-topic.

I don't mind, and since there is no forum for scanning discussions, I don't find it off topic.

Thanks again!
Truly appreciated.

You're welcome.

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