Sensor cleaning in NYC and / or London

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Re: Sensor cleaning in NYC and / or London

stevenj2 wrote:

YouTuber J. Cristina - (Aurora Camera Care) sells pre-moistened individually packaged swabs for camera cleaning for both APSC and FX sensors. No fluid bottles to have to apply drops from! Easy in and smooth wipe across to clean, and turn it over wipe again finishes it, as per instructions, worked well for me.

I also have one of those blowers to give an easy puff into Dxxx's at home when changing lenses.


Thupten wrote:

Hello, I once had my Nikon D80 sensor cleaned by Photo Tech Repair Service in Manhattan. At that time they were down near Union Square. Later had the shutter replaced when they were somewhere on the ground floor somewhere on 9th Avenue. Now they’re on 8th Avenue. I think I heard they are no longer officially Nikon-authorised?

Anyway, just wondering exactly how they clean the sensors. $75 plus tax to clean the sensor on a D80 seems too much considering the value of the camera. I think ten years ago I bought one of those sensor cleaning “pens” and never used it. Maybe I should just use that?

Will be back in the UK soon, so could get it done there... Any recommendations?


Thanks very much, Stevenj2. Will follow this advice...

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