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Autonerd wrote:

Thupten wrote:

As for pronunciation, having worked for car magazines on both sides of the Atlantic, it always grated on my nerves to hear Brits mispronounce car names like Nissan, Prius, Chrysler and Celica,

You mean, Americans say "Nigh-san"?

We say "NEE-sahn", while the UK pronunciation (to our ears) sounds more like "NISS-un" (rhymes with "hiss" like a snake) or even "Niss-n".


I'm more familiar with the British pronunciation as "Niss-Ann". At least, that's how I say it.

The British pronunciations "Nick-on" and "Niss-Ann" are are least consistent (and closer to the Japanese syllable Ni' ?), unlike "Nigh-kon" and "Nee-sahn".

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