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Re: One Lens for GFX100s

You certainly do digress....

hypercore360 wrote:

Yes, there are difficulties in life, as there should be. Without politicizing this conversation in any way about, of all things, expensive lenses, most of us on this forums, and the like, well, we live in parts of the world without life threatening conflict for the most part, where we are not worried about where the next meal is coming from, if it's coming at all, and not worry about bombs landing on the house/building we live in. But I digress... One to lenses.

There are difficulties, indeed. But choosing "one" lens to start off a camera kit is not one of them. I can go ahead and just buy the 3 or 4 lenses along with the camera and for the most part, be done with it. I don't want to. I am focused on 'One' lens! I want it to be difficult.

I am leaning, at least for now, the 32-64 (25-51mm FF). And then, I don't know. I've found my current 14-24 (full frame) to not getting a lot of use. So, I don't think I need to go much wider than this, except for some rare occasion. I did have great use for the 14-24 in Iceland recently, for shooting Vastrahorn. The entire 14mm was required. But I'm glad it's there for that rare occasion.

I would imagine that the next lens, whatever it is, is going to be either a Prime (i.e. 80mm or 110mm), above the 64mm (GF 32-64), like the 45-100 zoom perhaps. I don't know. That's not the discussion here for me.


Kiwisnap wrote:

It is difficult picking just one.

I have the GF30 which I am going to recommend as a good lens - equivalent more or less to 24 on FF.

With the 100MP you can comfortably crop (a lot) to get 'digital zoom'. It's reasonably wide for landscapes and interior and fine for environmental portraits.

It is also small and light as far as these things go.

I could probably shoot most of my stuff with just that and the 100-200. I have the 45-100 but have not found much use for it yet (although I have not travelled lately and might use it if I did).

I will probably finish my kit with either the 23 or the new wide zoom, and the small 50 for an easy walk around option.

The 110 is very good but I do not shoot the work it is designed to excel at so it would be wasted in my bag. For me, the 100-200 is more useful.

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