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Intellectual property concerns. PETA sued and won the rights for an ape who took a selfie There are millions of people using the cloud. Wouldn't someone have noticed their edits are actually being stolen?

That is incorrect about the ape. PETA lost the suit, rather emphatically, actually. The Wikipedia article has the details. It gets confused because there was a different result in that the US Copyright Office stated a picture taken by an animal can't be copyrighted, but that wasn't a court precedent, and lots of folks noted that frequently photos are set up and arranged by photographers and should be copyrighted (think of game cameras, trigger traps, etc). End result is that the ape doesn't hold a copyright, and now there's precedent that it can't. Oops PETA.

I’ll have to look that up. Amongst others Peta Pixel posted it had won. That is one site I’ve never trusted for accurate info but if was not the only one.

I don't trust Petapixel much either, but in this case they got it right: (the spoiler is in the URL; PETA lost big).

We also live in a world where you submit all kinds of personal data on a daily basis. Do you really think Air Miles points are free? You are making someone very rich using that and other points systems. While Uber, etc may not be making money the data they collecting that you provide by using them is invaluable.

No disrespect to the OP. When they first went subscription and released Lr this and the sites had eruptions. It's been relatively quiet the last few years until about October when all the competitors are releasing new upgrades. Sinister Adobe stories emerge

How are competitors training their AI? Using employee data only?

If anyone this concerned I highly recommend to drop Adobe today, get the the bulk downloader and get are files back on your own systems.

I agree with these points. Adobe is using the images for very limited purposes, and it's a trade off I'm OK with for online storage. The solution is not to use it; nothing nefarious about it.

And as for the training, so many have donated their photos to Google, Amazon, etc that I hardly think there's much effort in getting a set together to train on

Exactly. The big concern when this all started was Adobe stealing everyone’s files (even LrC which would be impossible to do) and holding people ransom to pay higher fees. That will never happen.

Yeah, true that. I never got the hand wringing over it. And Adobe wouldn't even make my top ten of photography related companies that have been a pain to me. And I'm easily annoyed

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