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Re: Composite Pricing Question

JakeWarrin wrote:

I've been approached to make a composite picture for local city department. The framed picture would be roughly 33"x43". I would need to capture and edit 86 photos to build the image. I would need to build the photo with names and titles. I would be handling the printing and framing as well. They said that they have $2,000 in the budget, but if that's not enough to let them know and they'll get it added to 2023 and we'll start the project then.

I would be trying to set up on location for a couple days to capture the majority of the images and handling the people that could not make the scheduled time in the studio.

Based on everything that I described, does that sound like a good number for that project? If I need to provide more information, please let me know.

How hungry are you?

For commercial photography pricing that sounds pretty cheap, but if your pantry is empty and the rent is due ...

Two to three days shooting, probably at least that much time at the computer by the time you edit the photos and build the composite, then proofing and final approval, then the printing, mounting, and framing cost ...

First thing to do is get a price on the printing and framing. Then you can think about how much time you'll be putting in and how much you want to clear for yourself.


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