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My Lil' Df

A little story about my Df... grab a cocktail, put on some Jazz...

So Nikon had my Df in service for well over a month. Finally fixed the mirror sticking issue after quite a bit of back and forth with their customer service dept. Conversation ranged from "we have no idea if we can get parts, or when they will get in, to finally, parts came in and it's being serviced then shipped". I'll save you all the in-between, but you can imagine there was some real anxiety going on to whether or not Nikon could fix it.

Mind you, my Df only had less than 2,000 shutter actuations on it. Practically brand new, and Nikon did not cover it under warranty (couldn't find my receipt, forgot in the end I bought it on EBAY lol!!!) oh well. They did great work overall though, even got rid of a small creak in the grip I felt before, and $350.00 later it feels better, and I mean really better, than it was brand new. The service list had a lot of extra work done on it.  Somehow I could tell. Even the shutter cycle sounded smoother and quieter, really great job there!

Bought myself a couple of lenses in celebration of its return, and hoping, it will last me for years on end with no issues.

One of those lenses I had never heard about, until I read some of the articles on the Thousand and One Nights history page ( for the curious it is here: ). That lens is the 28-200mm G f/3.5-5.6 IF-ED. What a little story there!

I can't believe how much I like this lens for the Df, for a general purpose walk around lens, its nearly perfect . Great close focusing, super duper small size, completely acceptable image quality (especially considering all the sacrifices made for its size), and a very nice range. It's also quiet to focus, at least for still shooters. The build quality is much higher than anticipated, and even though it has a plastic mount, it doesn't give you the impression that it is cheap in any way.

No zoom creep, even though it has a lock, it has an AF limiter too, and they can be had for under $200 USD.  What I like most though, is how it handles on the Df, I prefer small size lenses for that body and it feels custom made for the Df, at least if you want a zoom.  Great balance and easy to hold one handed all day. The zoom range is near perfect.

I have purchased the Nikon soft shutter release for the Df as well, and the material on the top of the release matches the glossy resin/plastic top portion of the grip.

The other lens I purchased, is the 45mm AI-P f/2.8. I love small pancake lenses and this one is perfect. Such a little gem, decent close focus, great focal length, so small and light, but built like the clappers. Not only is it a great lens for the Df, but it's also sort of a personal homage to the designer, and the FM3a as well.

I have the 85mm f/1.8D coming too, and that will about cover what lenses I wanted for the Df.  I like it's "rough edges" and aperture ring compared to modern 85's, and find it to be a great fit to the Df as well.

All in all, my enthusiasm is renewed in the Df, unlike ever before, and I can't put it down. A camera that has that effect on you really shows the love and attention that went into its design. It inspires, it's a joy to shoot, and the spirit of it's design rings true.

At one point I almost sold it, but then it broke, and I had to send it back for service. I find that kind of coincidence to be the pinnacle of irony, and almost a divine intervention. As a hobbyist camera, it's become one of my very favorites, and I even enjoy shooting it more than any Leica M camera I've owned (and trust me when I say I've owned MANY of them).

I thought I'd just share some joy here. I'll never part with the Df, so long as it keeps on working for me. I'd go on and on, but time is fleeting!

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