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There was a leader column in the Amateur Photographer a few months ago where the writer said that he tried to avoid using the words ‘shoot’, ‘capture’, ‘fire off’ and a few other expressions because of their violent connotations. This seemed quite a nice idea to me, but then I’ve never used the verb ‘shoot’ in connection with photography and I don’t like it, either. I do remember the word ‘shot’ being used in the same magazine as a synonym for ‘photograph’ when I started reading it in the early 1970s and I think it had been around for a long time even then so I’ll let them off with that one!

I’ve been in photography for around 30 years and shot and shoot has been a term I remember being used throughout that. time . It’s not just used in photography but sports as well ,snooker and soccer for instance so I don’t see what is objectionable. Mind you capture is a trek that can irk me though, not sure why. Someone commented on my photo of a Meerkat and asked where I captured it to which I replied I didn’t capture it, it was in Bristol Zoo.

Sorry, I didn’t express my view clearly. The reason I don’t use the word ‘shoot’ in connection with photography is simply that it seems wrong to me because the camera doesn’t eject anything, it receives it. Just me being pedantic!

Good point. I'm pedantic, too, and so I appreciate this precision!

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