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HappyMartin wrote:

In South Africa we tend towards England for spelling. Shoot and shots for photos is not uncommon however and having worked with some English photographers I believe the terms to be in general use long before YouTube.

I was in the military for 4 years, one year in the infantry and three a photographer in the Air Force, and we didn’t use terms like shoot and shot for photographs very much. In that context it tended to be confusing as so much actual shooting was going on so for clear communication it wasn’t helpful.
As a result I still tend to use terms like image or photograph. For commercial work I say photo shoot. Not at war anymore but still lots of actual shooting going on where I live so some differentiation required. Heaps of game reserves and game farms and hunting also a thing here so if you say I was shooting a Kudu, for example, people might ask if you have any meat when all you actually have is yet another photo of a kudu.

Ah, yes, "photo shoot" of course. Hadn't thought of that. Sounds normal. But "shooting people in the street" still sounds bizarre.

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