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barbara j wrote:

Thupten wrote:

Hi, just wondering if my perception is correct – nobody in the UK used to "shoot" photos or "shoot" a particular brand (let alone "shoot people" in street photography) before YouTube Americanized us, right? As a Brit who has lived for years in the US, I still try to resist "shooting", and it's definitely "Nikkon" (in Japanese, and in British English) not "Nigh-kon". When Americans say "shoot" and "Nigh-kon", that's fine, but now YouTube seems to be full of British people who are out "shooting".

Just curious. Maybe the British pros have been "shooting" for a long time...??

You think that's bad, what about all the Brit spelling popping up???

Aha! Interesting

I shoot but I am trying to embrace Nickon, however, it was hard to learn American spelling and seeing all the "influencers" with their extra u's a z's is a bit much.

U's are good, but it's definitely an 's' and not a 'z'. And if it were a 'z' that would be a 'zed', of course

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