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Re: I "take" or "make" photographs and I "use" Canon and Nigh-con.

John Crowe wrote:

I am Canadian, so I stick with British spelling, but I am obviously influenced by America. A recent thread proved it should be Knee-con, but I will stick with Nigh-con. I usually shy away from using "shoot" for obvious reasons, but it is fast and simple while typing. I guess I use "take photos" and "taking photos." That is primarily how I speak it. Even there I generally use "photographs" and "pictures." When typing I often refer to "making images" as well. Of course it is not even "typing" any more, it is "texting" or "posting", I suppose.

I don't recall ever "shooting" Nikon or Canon. I tend to be a "user" of each.

What do you say in England?

Hi John, interesting, thanks. I say much the same as you – "take pictures", "use a Nikon". But I've caught myself using "shoot" more... even if when thinking and not necessarily out loud.

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