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JakeWarrin wrote:

I've been approached to make a composite picture for local city department. The framed picture would be roughly 33"x43". I would need to capture and edit 86 photos to build the image. I would need to build the photo with names and titles. I would be handling the printing and framing as well. They said that they have $2,000 in the budget, but if that's not enough to let them know and they'll get it added to 2023 and we'll start the project then.

I would be trying to set up on location for a couple days to capture the majority of the images and handling the people that could not make the scheduled time in the studio.

Based on everything that I described, does that sound like a good number for that project? If I need to provide more information, please let me know.

Without knowing more I think that's a little low for two-three solid days of work.

Assuming you could knock off all 86 images in an 8 hour day (almost 11 an hour or 1 every 5+ minutes).

Then there's editing and type slugs, and finally proofing.

Sounds more like a montage than a composite, but that's just semantics. It depends on the software that you're going to use to create this. I see it as an "InDesign" or other page layout project. you could do it "Photoshop" or other bitmap editor but I think it would bog down with over 160 layers and setting a canvas that big.

Is printing and framing included? Did you price that out? That can be expensive, depending on the frame. That's a custom size, too.

Without knowing more, I think that's a little tight.

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