Scan document with open lid - bad idea?

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Re: Scan document with open lid - bad idea?

dp62 wrote:

Sometimes I would like to scan something that isn't flat, or normal papersize.
For example, small photos, or descriptions on some packing.

I may put them on the glass surface of the scanner, but whilst closing the lid, these things often shift.

The best way would be to something to press them down, some sort of press paper and keep the lid open when scanning.

Out of curiosity...
I've always wondered whether this may be bad for the fluorescent lamp...

It's not a florescent lamp, but a LED strip. At least, in all the more modern scanners.

Anyway, no it doesn't matter for the functionality, but the uncovered area will be black in the prints. If you don't want that, you can always use a sheet of white paper to cover the gaps.

But by that said, it is a good idea to press the scanned area flat against the glass sheet, otherwise the scanned image will be of poor quality or even totally useless, out of focus.

Is it always producing the same power no matter whether the lid is closed or not.
(when the lid is closed, there is a white reflection)

Yes, the light is even over the scanned surface. Maybe some scanners measure the reflected light and adjust to the best possible scan quality, but in the area outside the image, there will be no reflection, so the light output will be at maximum. Also some scanners sense the image edges and only scan that area. Anyway, regardless how your scanner works, leaving the lid open during a scan won't harm the scanner.

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