Free Windows file sync programs? FreeFileSync, etc.

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Chris Noble wrote:

Eric Carlson wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

Eric Carlson wrote:

It's super simple to set up and use versioning. If you can use backup and restore, you can use versioning without much thought or effort at all.

OK; let's say I want to roll back my entire system to the state it was in on Sept 1, except for my data files that I want to roll back to the state they were in on Sept 25th, without affecting the newly created data files since Sept 25th. What is the super simple sequence of mouse clicks to do that with FreeFileSync?

This would be the situation if there is some corruption in the OS that exhibited itself between Sept 1 and Sept 25th, but has not affected the data files.

Sync is not for the OS, just for data. Use file backup and/or image backup for the OS and apps. Obviously. Or just reinstall.

Super simple to use backup for both OS and data. Then no additional need for sync.

No big deal if I lose my OS or apps. I'll just switch to another computer. And I have my sync'd data, so it's all good.

Super simple to avoid having to get another computer and reinstall and reconfigure all your apps -- by just having a backup. Sounds even more super than your super, doesn't it?

If there are several computers available, each with an installed suit of programs, work can continue almost uninterrupted by simply accessing a shared folder, or maybe by loading a backup data set.

In my experience, a crashed/failed computer generally needs more that an OS restore.

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