Free Windows file sync programs? FreeFileSync, etc.

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Re: FreeFileSync uses lots of sub-folders/files, not a single archive file...

Eric Carlson wrote:

foot wrote:

1) Different OS have much different file-naming specifications.

2) also different OS allow different characters in the file names.

Not relevant to someone who only uses Windows as their desktop OS, like me, and many people.

3) the archive consists of a huge number of files...

3.a) So this slows down file copy/backup (you do back up your archives, right?? I sure do!!)

I make multiple syncs to multiple drives.

It only takes a few minutes when done regularly. Just like if you do incremental backups regularly. No difference there.

Backups have their uses, and so does sync. If your using robocopy, to copy files, that's roughly analogous to a sync. Sounds like a sync (copy) before backup. I do that at work sometimes. Nothing wrong with that.
Everyone can backup however they see fit. Even using many ways in parallel, like file sync + backup + image backup, if you like. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to quickly restore 1 or 2 files or folders, of use them elsewhere: Sync. If you want to restore files to a specific day: File backup. If you want to restore your OS, and apps: Image backup.

I'm helping solve the problem of losing older versions of data files when doing a data sync, and versioning is perfect for that. And a sync is fully accessible on any computer (that has the same OS, and even mostly on other OSes if you're coming from a Windows sync) with no special software.

we agree on just about everything. So these are minor points:

The word "synch" can be ambigous, since there is "one way" vs "two-sync" synch.

I use Robocopy  "one-way",  all changes are only in the destination folder, never in the source folder.

Yes, I'm using robocopy to update/create the backup folder. Then the  versioning/journaling archive programis run  This is the step that updates/creates the arfile file

and of course the periodic backup of the archive file to a seperate disk, then at some point to a offline storage

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