Diff. in use of Z 105 vs old F 105

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Re: Diff. in use of Z 105 vs old F 105

iljitsch wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

f2 .8 is f2 .8.

You would think that. But at very short distances, the same aperture will let in less light. The reviews of the Z 105 macro indicate that the display compensates for that. So a close shot wide open will not be f/2.8 at 1:1, but f/4.8 instead.

Now suppose you set the aperture to f/8. So that means the aperture is closed 1.5 stops.

On a lens that doesn't support this adjustment in the f number display, if you set the aperture to f/8 it will close the aperture 3 stops.

So both lenses at "f/8" but one will show an image that is 1.5 stops brighter than the other.

I am unsure if the AF-S version of the 105 mm macro also supports the adjustment. My old manual focus version of this lens definitely doesn't.

Nikon digital cameras, F and Z mount, display the effective aperture, so light loss at near focus is accounted for. That will be true for the AF-S 105mm micro lens, and the Z mount one. It is also true for AF-D lenses.

The T stop mentioned earlier is simply the actual transmission ie the aperture plus losses due to internal reflections and absorption of light. The F and T stops will be very close, much less than a stop difference. Cine lenses are often if not always marked with the T stop.

The friend of the OP is confused.

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