Pixel Peeping Pros: Lens Sharpness?

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Need samples and details .
  • 25cm from a wall and less ?

Sounds like the tests your doing are for a macro lens . A macro lens is designed for optimal image quality when used for close up and macro photography.

At 25cm and 15cm distance you can expect the central portion to be reasonable if pixel peeping , but probably not the outer region.

The zoom lens your using is designed for general use of taking photos of things at a distance , it's not a macro lens .

If your going to test for sharpness etc , test under the circumstances the lens was designed to be used on .

Probably set your camera up on a tripod , turn off I/S , and use a remote release , to exclude camera shake from degrading your images for testing .

Holding hand held can endure camera shake and result in blurred images , you need to remove all these issues so your testing your lens and not your ability to hold a camera .

Take shots of a building for eg .

Be aware that at a wide angle setting the lens might be focussed at 20 metres away in the centre of the frame , but the outer edge of the frame might 45metres away from the same wall .

So at a large aperture with thin DOF , the sides of the image will be out of focus , don't confuse this with being blurred due to a fault .

Same goes with your tests at 25cm away from a target .

The image isn't un-sharp , it's just not at the same focus distance as the centre if the frame .


What adapter are you using ?

An LA-EA4 or LA-EA5 ?

I assume your adapting an A mount lens on an E mount body , otherwise your posting this question on the wrong forum .

If your using the LA-EA4, then if all the image is not focussed well ( have you tried manually focussing it , again , on a tripod ? ) Then the camera might need the micro focus adjustment looking at in the cameras menu .

Lastly, if your going to post questions on a forum asking what the problem is with the photos your taking , unless you include some sample shots so they can be assessed, how do you expect to get an informed response ?

Make sure it's a large resolution file and EXIF data is included .

I can see you have provided a link to an external drive/site , but I don't click on links from unknown sources . You can post directly on here , and it will include the EXIF needed .

Without knowing how you took the images and the exposure information, we're all just guessing what the problem is .

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