Astro Photo Question (trying this forum)...

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Re: Astro Photo Question (trying this forum)...

kayaker353 wrote:

At the risk of usurping the OP's question, I have tried a couple of astro tests. First, technical technique, then on to real photos. I have found that 30 seconds at F2 with the Z9 and 20 mm F1.8 and ISO 200 shows a lot of bright stars, but no tracking to speak of. Also, there is no sense of a multitude of stars, as in the Milky Way. Am I underexposing and need to up the ISO to get a more dramatic effect? Also, is stacking required compared to a single shot? Will keep experimenting until I get an attractive effect. Would appreciate any helpful comments>

In PP just ramp your exposure up a lot and whites as necessary and do local edits on the milky way and I think you'll be surprised how much is hidden there in the data. 30 seconds is a little long for 20mm if you're not using a tracking mount.

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