Advice for street shooting with a model in Istanbul

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Re: Advice for street shooting with a model in Istabul

Foskito wrote:

Good afternoon guys,

In 3 weeks' time, I will be in Istanbul and have a 2-day shoot with a couple of models for my wife's small jewelry business. One day at the European side and the other at the Oriental side of the city.

I won't be using a tripod or extra lights, everything will be casual, documentary style. We won't be bothering anyone, obstructing streets, or taking pics inside government buildings or Mosques. (That would make big trouble) And I will ask permission at every local place, like restaurants, shops, etc in advance.

Saying that, do I need to take special consideration for street shootings? maybe a local permit has to be obtained or it is ok to do so with no worries?

Thank you in advance!

May be best to ask/contact someone from Istanbul rather than here.


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