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Re: Astro Photo Question (trying this forum)...

kayaker353 wrote:

At the risk of usurping the OP's question, I have tried a couple of astro tests. First, technical technique, then on to real photos. I have found that 30 seconds at F2 with the Z9 and 20 mm F1.8 and ISO 200 shows a lot of bright stars, but no tracking to speak of. Also, there is no sense of a multitude of stars, as in the Milky Way. Am I underexposing and need to up the ISO to get a more dramatic effect? Also, is stacking required compared to a single shot? Will keep experimenting until I get an attractive effect. Would appreciate any helpful comments>

You need to bump up ISO. I'd go with ISO 1600, maybe even ISO 3200. You should take multiple exposures (at least 10, maybe 20).

30 sec with 20mm is too long. There are calculators out there that help you calculate the right exposure time. 30 sec with 20mm will at least give you some significant trailing stars. It might be ok, if you look at the picture on your phone, but not on a larger monitor or print.

Stacking is not required, and you can create good results with a single photo. In that case, I would enable long-exposure noise reduction in camera, as it may reduce noise and detect hot pixels automatically. But I typically use stacking and sometimes even a tracker in order to get perfectly round stars.

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