A truely collapsable stripbox?

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OP Landscrape Regular Member • Posts: 162
Re: A truely collapsable stripbox?

Thanks Ron!

I dont see a stripbox of PixaPro that is collapsable; Amazon review sais: "Not portable would be effort to build each time as it's individual poles and don't fold up"

I looked at the Phottix Raja Strip Softbox with Grid (12 x 55"). They do indeed write: "It opens like an umbrella with a centralized metal joint". But I actually doubt that holds true for the stripbox. They don't show the folding on youtube. Only for the octa's. When I look at the pictures I can't tell... But thanks for pointing out the Phottix Ron. I think I am going to give the shop a call! Because they do sell them out here!

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