Will the Z8 (or whatever) be shutterless?

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Re: The Z9 is NOT shutterless

michaeladawson wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

If we're into a semantic argument, a shutter is a device that controls exposure time, that is, the duration for which the sensitive material is exposed to light. The mechanism in the Z9 does not do this, it controls the 'integration time', the time over which the sensor mechanism registers the light that it is exposed to.

As you know, I am all for terminological wrangles, but only when I think that terminological inexactitude is promoting misunderstandings. I this case I think people get the general idea whether you call it 'electronic shutter' or 'shutterless', even though 'shutterless' is probably more accurate, as above.

I would say I mostly agree with you. Here's another "shutter" example. I don't know if anyone ever developed this or tried to patent it...

What if there was a transparent LCD layer over the sensor. The LCD is black in order to block light from reaching the sensor. When the shutter button (can I call it a shutter button? ) is pressed the LCD turns transparent, allows light to pass, and then turns black again to stop the exposure time.

Based on your semantic definition, this is a shutter. Yes? But it's an electronic shutter. Yes?

That is a clever idea, I suspect an LCD would not be suitable as the response time would be insufficient and it might introduce artifacts. However, military pilots have visors that can go dark instantly ie quickly, in the event of a nuclear blast. So perhaps your idea could work. However, you would still have a ~1\30” read time to contend with in the case of a Z6 class sensor which would restrict you to ~30 frames per second. That might well be okay for stills and video.

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