Astro Photo Question (trying this forum)...

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Astro Photo Question (trying this forum)...

[ I asked this over on the Astrophotography forum and got zero replies ]

I'm going to try my hand at some wide-field Milky Way photography.

Camera is Nikon Z6II with the Z 14-30 f/4 lens.

Location has Bortle 2 skies (for those who know what that means), so pretty dark.

I'd be shooting at 14mm and maybe 20mm, wide open at f/4 tripod mounted, no tracking and VR off.

I'm pretty sure I need to keep my exposure times (per the NPF rule) to around 11 sec for 14mm and 8 sec for 20mm in order to have no trailing visible.

What I'm unsure about are other settings such as ISO (taking into consideration the camera's ISO Invariance) and white balance.

And a bonus question, is there any advantage in shooting in b/w in terms of the quality of the images?

Thanks all!

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