High ISO Noise (DX Sensor)

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Re: High ISO Noise (DX Sensor)

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I have tried that and it always seems like they are considering the effects of processing and not directly using exact equivalent camera settings as they vary iso. I can tell more from imaging resource comparisons of direct out of camera comparisons of a particular scene shot at various iso settings with an equivalent change in shutter speed to equal the amount of stops changed in iso. This is the type of comparison that effects my type of use and the type of comparison that I need to consider. Where it looks to me like the comparisons you mention in dpr applies more to those that process their photos manually from raw data.

The problem with the 'high ISO causes noise' idea (apart from it being wrong, of course) is that it leads people into impossible conundrums with respect to managing noise. In low light situations, when shutter speed and aperture limited, people who think that way try to keep ISO low, because 'high ISO causes noise'. Sometimes they will keep ISO low and try to lighten in processing, or even worse, post-processing. When the results come out very noisy, they come to a further false conclusion, that increasing lightness in 'post' causes noise.

On the other hand, if people realise that it is low exposure that increases noise, they will concentrate on maximising exposure and then choose the appropriate ISO setting to go with that exposure.

I guess it quite good example of the fact that correlation does not imply causation.

There is a common cause of noise and high ISO in typical usage scenario, lack of light. If that occurs during shooting, one usually increases ISO to get desired brightness of the output and the output is noisy due to shot noise. So these effects are often correlated in practice which leads to people incorrectly assuming that one of them causes the other one.

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