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Austinian wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

In a recent thread an OP stated that he was using ISO-320 ... it was pointed out that his specific camera had a dual gain at ISO-400, and thus (ISO-400) would be less noisy.

Is there a list or another way to know which cameras have dual-gain sensors, and exactly what ISO's the change (increased gain for less noise) happens ???

I think Bill Claff's PDR charts (for one) show that; for example, the A7RIV goes dual-gain at ISO 320. See the kink at ISO 318:


I don't know of a specific list of dual-gain-sensor cameras.

Yes, although it's more obvious on the Read Noise in DNs chart, for example:

You could also scroll through the table under the Sensor Heatmap page.
HCG is High Conversion Gain.


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