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Re: Editing a RAW image

cheddarman wrote:

Ab S wrote:

Ab S wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

Now that I'm getting more into RAW processing with C1 22 Sony, is there a recommended sequence one should follow for doing it? ie should one sharpen first, daylight, noise etc etc?

How do you do it that you finds works for you?


Silkypix taught me the preferred order and maybe C1 offers similar advice, the basics for me in this order with any converter...

  • Brightness exposure comp and any single shot HDR treatments
  • White balance
  • Contrast
  • Colour fiddling like saturation etc
  • Lastly a compromise between sharpness and noise reduction working them both until things look acceptable

I suspect that all converters have some similar video helps that tells of the basics.

..I am applying the same sequence in C1 (vs 12 pro for Sony). If you found a general setting with which you are happy for most of your pictures you can save it as a "User Style" and apply that to all new images as a starting point.

From the screen shot below you can see my applied user profile, only very few sliders have been changed from C1 default values:

  • Sharpening: 350
  • Highlight: 40
  • Shadow: 5
  • Clarity: 20
  • Structure: 5

The rest is unchanged, but can be adjusted for each image if needed.

Hope this helps!

Now with screenshot:

My personal default user profile in C1

Every little helps AbS, thanks. I'm getting the hang of it 😊

I keep getting this notification pop up in C1 22 Sony:

When I click on OK I get this page:

but can't work out what I'm supposed to do to actually do the update?

You click on the new version, the underlined 15.4

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