Three lenses, one subject.

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Re: Three lenses, one subject.

Doppler9000 wrote:

Michael Floyd wrote:

Just to be clear, and to ensure no-one gets led astray...

I'm loving this lens on GFX and from these images one might think that it has very few if any issues out at the edges. This would not be correct. Like almost all 36x24 lenses it has it's share of compromises, more and more as the aperture gets wider as is usual.

I'm happy to work around the issues because the advantages, for me, are well worth it. More so with this lens than any FF lens in my experience previously.

If there's enough interest I'll do a review of this lens on GFX at some stage.

Particularly given the cost, a review would be great.

That which I could find on-line doesn't really tally with what I'm seeing terribly well.

My two images in this week's image thread are from the same lens:

Ok, will do.   Give me a few weeks or a month to feel it out more and I'll put something together.

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